About Us

Mission of Friends for Kids

Friends For Kids is 501(c)(3) non-profit public foundation established in 2012 to raise funds intended to benefit programs supporting children and youth, particularly those programs that benefit economically-disadvantaged youth who want to participate in sports activities, training, and instruction. Based in Southlake, Texas, the foundation produces a number of events each year, including the Under Armour Texas High School Quarterback of the Year Award banquet, to raise funds which are then deployed to assist youth, grades 1st through 12th throughout the state of Texas and the surrounding states in achieving their goals and dreams as athletes, teammates, and leaders.

Our Story and our Objectives

Friends for Kids was founded by a group of individuals who believe strongly in the positive influence athletics and sports can have on a child's life and how important participating in those sports, including receiving the necessary training and equipment, is to the potential long-term success as individuals, regardless of whether or not they ever play sports at a higher level. The foundation partners with a number of non-profit groups, school districts, and training programs to help underwrite the cost of training for individual athletes, teams, and their coaches. Our belief is that children should not be penalized or disadvantaged because they are in situations they cannot control nor are responsible for.

Our objectives include:

- Providing funding for athletic training that can help a young athlete achieve a higher level of accomplishment on the field;

- Providing funding for training that can help a young athlete achieve a higher level of accomplishment off the field;

- Supporting mentoring programs that pair high school and college age athletes with junior high, middle school, and elementary athletes to;

- Supporting the development of technology and applications applicable to youth athletic and scholastic development;

- Supporting the training of youth coaches, especially in economically-disadvantaged areas, with training, technology and equipment;

- Supporting other non-profit organizations focused on the well-being of area youth.



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